Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mike Sandals

I've been working a little bit on a clay figure based on one of my friend's characters.
 Here's some pics of him so far. Sorry for the bad lighting and slight blurriness. I need to stop working on art at night. I can't possibly get good pictures of the stuff I work on.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Finished Dragons

I hate updating with half finished stuff so I skipped updating for the last few days in order to actually complete the little project that I was working on. I admit that I need to work a little more on getting the nail holes in the backs aligned a little bit better.

Here they are  little more in context with my shelf. It is only know that I realize that of all the things to include in the pic, the last should be all of the girly anime I own. I swear I have other better stuff just off screen!

And here are close ups of all of the individual dragon things. They are made of nothing but sculpey clay with some foil and wire as the armatures. Painted with acrylic and then glossed. The plaques are wood I got from the craft store. 

They don't seem to be very fragile, but I would still be careful with them. Next time I will be sure to try to build them even sturdier.