Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Some More Pendants

 Here are just some in progress pics of some more things I made earlier this week. This time with a step by step procedure!

Here the pendants are with just paint. I like the shape and size of the small squid pendants but they have an annoying texture on them that takes a few layers of paint to cover.

The two spiders on the left are ones that were done in a previous batch, just to compare textures.

Also some bug pendants for a friend of mine. She's going to hook me up with some hissing cockroaches!

This is them after mixing and pouring the epoxy. The bubbles are normal and slowly pop away after an hour. Usually they end up nice and clear.

 But this time they didn't turn out clear. All of them have microscopic bubbles all over the place in the glaze. I don't know how this happened since the normal bubbled all popped and it was only a few hours after being clear that the small bubbles started appearing.

 This close up shows the detail better but still doesn't really show how obvious the bubbles are. The whole thing looks like it is covered with a light speckled layer of dust.

Oh well. Epoxy is usually easy to use but you do have to follow the instructions exactly. Good thing most of these will be going to friends!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Doodles of Bugs

Not much to talk about other than "hey here's some sketches I did in the last few days and yeah my style's been changing again. What the heck is up with that?"

Oh also this little swirly haired girl is one of my friend's characters we were just messing around with. We can't decide which little cheek design to use. I am leaning more towards the triangles myself. We might be doing a few comics together since both of us by ourselves are pretty bad at story telling.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


What started out as a simple absent-minded 15 second doodle of some swirling curves quickly grew out of control and into this. Maybe later I will put a little more detail into the colors, but for now I like it how it is.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spider Baby

So someone thought it would be a good idea to force me to make comics every week, and then I did. I personally have NEVER written or made comics before so this has been a bumpy road for me. So now I've got a little experiment comic thing updated every Monday called SpiderBaby on a little website called the SBboard. Nothing big, but it is mostly full of kids like me just trying to figure out what they want to do. You can now click that little icon on the side and it will send you there. Hooray. One less B&W thing on there.

Also because of this I will probably only update my blog on Fridays now. I feel like a chump advertizing that I will update three times a week but honestly I never have enough stuff done by those times to be worth announcing anything. So now there will be comics on Monday, and art on Fridays.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Spider Pendants

          Over the weekend I was able to meet up with my friends so of course I rushed to make some things to give to them. This was also an experiment to see what I could do with this Easy Cast stuff one of my friends recommended to me to use. It was easy to figure out and the results were great. They start off looking terrible with loads of tiny bubbles but those bubbles eventually all float up to the surface and pop.

       They turned out fantastic but it's too bad I don't have anything to put them on but cheap flimsy chains. I will need to save up to buy something good for that. Speaking of which I also I made another dragon keychain with one of the flimsy chains and it turns out that they break pretty easily. Someone somewhere now has a pretty neat little dragon wearing a little orange scarf.... I didn't even remember to take a picture of it. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mike Sandals

I've been working a little bit on a clay figure based on one of my friend's characters.
 Here's some pics of him so far. Sorry for the bad lighting and slight blurriness. I need to stop working on art at night. I can't possibly get good pictures of the stuff I work on.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Finished Dragons

I hate updating with half finished stuff so I skipped updating for the last few days in order to actually complete the little project that I was working on. I admit that I need to work a little more on getting the nail holes in the backs aligned a little bit better.

Here they are  little more in context with my shelf. It is only know that I realize that of all the things to include in the pic, the last should be all of the girly anime I own. I swear I have other better stuff just off screen!

And here are close ups of all of the individual dragon things. They are made of nothing but sculpey clay with some foil and wire as the armatures. Painted with acrylic and then glossed. The plaques are wood I got from the craft store. 

They don't seem to be very fragile, but I would still be careful with them. Next time I will be sure to try to build them even sturdier.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Political Cartoon

I had to make a cartoon for the school newspaper based on the editorial article about California taxing oil companies and giving that money to the schools. I don't know if this cartoon makes sense but I really just wanted an excuse to draw sticky dinosaurs and children stealing its baked potato.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dragon Heads

Me messing with some clay and paint. Maybe I can make some tiny mounted heads or something.

I will update in the morning with better photos.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A gift from Maggie

        Today I got my package from my friend Voodoo Maggie in Oregon. Boy was I looking forward to this. She wanted me to take photos of the package opening process because of how proud she was of it. Little did I know just how insane it was...

So it starts out nice with another one of the prizes that she sent me. A cute crocheted pumpkin simply wrapped in one sheet of tissue paper. But then what is this?

A box wrapped in Michaels coupons. That doesn't seem too bad for packaging things...

Stickers. And duct tape. 

Who packages things in duct tape?!

Lucky for me the tape started ripping in a neat line after a while so I could skip unwrapping all of it. It seemed to be one continuous piece.

Under the box was a small glitter covered dinosaur.

More tissue and tape. This time just normal packing tape. Which might actually be worse.

Just showing how much tape was on this thing.

Another layer of packaging.

Why would there be a yarn ball? I don't use yarn. But I know what to do with this. I gave the ball to my dog and let her do what she loves to do. 

 Ten minutes later and the yarn was out of my way.

I think Maggie just wanted to get rid of some of her junk she didn't want anymore.

This wad also had a small mushroom in it. Which is pretty cool.
Too much tissue paper. 


At this point I am wondering if there is even anything in here at all...

After all of this, I got a teeny tiny yeti toy.  Here is a picture just to show how much packaging went into getting this thing to me.

And finally here is a close up of the yeti. Was it worth it? 

You can find Maggie's shop on etsy here:
I promise that she usually does not use this much tape.