Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry guyz I've been busy with library books. I've got about two three four......7 nice thick books I've been trying to read all at the same time. And that's after the library rang down its overdue hammer on half of them. Ha!ha! I love Socialism sometimes!

Though I haven't been all about reading about goofy stuff. I've also been trying out different inking styles and doohickeys in Photoshop and Illustrator. As a note though, all of these doodles are pretty crap. I just focused on inking stuff.

The thing I hate about Illustrator is that it obviously draws like a computer would draw and not like a real pen.I'm still learning so everything looks real flashy.

Very subtle line shapes get all kinds of messed up for no reason other than the program's over-willingness to try to help "correct" them.

It is real annoying trying to draw one simple curve and end up redrawing it twelve times. And I still won't get it just how I really wanted it.

 I'm not saying I don't like it though. Vector drawing is pretty cool. Plus it makes changing the line colors real easy. But don't try to actually color the stuff in Illustrator. Oh no. I wasted 1 and a half hours just trying to color it. Ship inked doodles off to Photoshop.
This one is inked in photoshop. I usually don't like doing that because I have to work REAL HUGE to make things look nice. I can get the lines a little better than Illustrator, but this doodle is about 1/8th of the size I had to work at. Bleh. That takes up a lot of save space.

So yeah, maybe I'll look into other programs like Manga studio, since lots of people seem to like that. I remember using a free trail a few years ago but it would glitch out on me a lot. Still, I guess I can try it again. And I'll get back to posting regularly.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Testing

Left to right: Generic sketchbook, Hammermill Color Copy Paper, Bee Paper Pen Sketcher, Bee Paper Artist Marker Pad

 I've been messing with some of my dad's really old quill pens and I realized that the generic sketchbook I was practicing in was really bad. So I dug up all of the different types of paper I had and did some testing. One type of ink & pen, four different papers. And one character that I tired of drawing after the 5th time (there's a lot I didn't include).

Obviously the Bee Paper Marker pad is the best and like its name it is also great with the markers I have. It feels so much obviously better to ink on that paper than on the others.But their pen sketcher paper SUCKS!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunny Slugs

I really don't know what these things are but I've been drawing them in my notebook all day. though  i didnt get around to scanning them in. Now I wish I did that....Oh well.

I don't really know that these guys are. They seem to be really fluid and able to stretch and squish their bodies around a bit to make fun shapes. Also their arms only come out when they need them. I don't really know what that's all about....Maybe, like in the title, they are some kind of rabbit/slug hybrid. Or maybe they are part mushroom. Or maybe some kind of sock-puppet. Or maybe some kind of terrible failed mascot for condoms. I really don't know. They're just fun to draw.  

Here is some different hues just so I could mes around and figure out what color they would be. I guess I went overboard because they all look like skittles now and I'm not that into rainbows.

Here's some more refined colors. Except for the blue toothpaste one. Whats up with that? I  prefer natural/neutral colors so of course I really like the tan one with pink ears. It makes him look more furry than smooth and slimy. I'll probably draw more of these little guys later.

ps. sorry for all of the vertical pictures. I need to work on making posts less scrolly.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragons Burning Stuff

       I've been playing Hoard all day! What's Hoard you ask? Well it's a video game on the PlayStation Network where you play as a dragon trying to get as much gold as possible in each game from the poor townsfolk and farmers in your kingdom! You bring more gold back to your cave and you level up more so you can fly faster, burn longer, carry more, ect ect. Definitely my kind of game, since I can't stop playing it.
A screen-shot of the game from the game's press kit
      I really like the design of the game cause everything looks like it's some kind of board game. From the pick above you can see what I mean. Also the different game modes keep me busy. 

       So sorry for having so little to update with. I need to stop playing so many video games and goofing off on the internet. Must draw more!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cactus Cats

        Cactus cats are a weird type of monster from American Folk Lore, and I think they have become one of my favorite monsters, just because of their strange obsessive behaviour. Large cat things that lived in the desert (obviously) and were covered from head to paw in sharp spiky fur. Along with tuffs of spiky fur on their ears and a branching tail, they also had sharp bone claws on their wrists. Yes their wrists. I'm just guessing that the claws were retractable, or else they would probably find walking around a little difficult. 
       So what do these cats do with those weird bone claws? Obviously they swipe cactus's with them! They use their claws to tear open the cactus's so the cactus's bleed sticky green cactus blood everywhere. Cactus cats love that stuff. The cat will go from cactus to cactus swiping them open so all the goo drips out and rots in the sun.
         Following their own ability to navigate the Cactus cat slowly makes its way in a large circle of cactus, arriving back to the first one again at the perfect moment where the cactus juice has been exposed enough to ferment into the cat's favorite kind of alcohol. The kind that is made by cactus juice rotting in the sun. By the time the cat makes another round to all of his previously sliced cactus, he is significantly drunk. He finishes his day by drunkenly dancing into the evening sunset, and making terrible music by rasping his bone claws together.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My house is cold

Oh man I almost didn't get to post today. Yeah that's a good way to start a blog. Bleh. I was busy!
Well here's the comic I did for my school's newspaper. And seriously sometimes I just think I should stay at school when I have 5 hours between classes.
Also I'm still messing around with blogger and some images to make my stuff look nice. I definitely need to get a nicer banner up.