Thursday, August 25, 2011

A gift from Maggie

        Today I got my package from my friend Voodoo Maggie in Oregon. Boy was I looking forward to this. She wanted me to take photos of the package opening process because of how proud she was of it. Little did I know just how insane it was...

So it starts out nice with another one of the prizes that she sent me. A cute crocheted pumpkin simply wrapped in one sheet of tissue paper. But then what is this?

A box wrapped in Michaels coupons. That doesn't seem too bad for packaging things...

Stickers. And duct tape. 

Who packages things in duct tape?!

Lucky for me the tape started ripping in a neat line after a while so I could skip unwrapping all of it. It seemed to be one continuous piece.

Under the box was a small glitter covered dinosaur.

More tissue and tape. This time just normal packing tape. Which might actually be worse.

Just showing how much tape was on this thing.

Another layer of packaging.

Why would there be a yarn ball? I don't use yarn. But I know what to do with this. I gave the ball to my dog and let her do what she loves to do. 

 Ten minutes later and the yarn was out of my way.

I think Maggie just wanted to get rid of some of her junk she didn't want anymore.

This wad also had a small mushroom in it. Which is pretty cool.
Too much tissue paper. 


At this point I am wondering if there is even anything in here at all...

After all of this, I got a teeny tiny yeti toy.  Here is a picture just to show how much packaging went into getting this thing to me.

And finally here is a close up of the yeti. Was it worth it? 

You can find Maggie's shop on etsy here:
I promise that she usually does not use this much tape.


smartwentcrazy said...

Ha! I love Maggie's style!

Voodoomaggie said...

yes it was, so there!

smallandpissed said...

I love Maggie. She's just too terrific. I can't wait until my next package from her arrives.
This whole thing reminds me of what I used to do with penpals. We'd send each other elaborate packages wrapped in layers, upon layers of other packages. It never gets out of hand until there's more than one layer of confetti. I loved watching you open Maggie's. You did a fabulous job of documenting it. I feel like I was there.

Ant said...

OMG Of course it was, that is cute as can be! :)

Ant said...

OMG, of course it was, that yeti is ADORABLE!