Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing, the Monsters

So on Friday these guys showed up, and I felt bad for not saying much in my post about them. So here they are nice and big with some useless information.

Glor likes being alone. This is not easy since she has 5014 siblings. She has a crush on Fracor but has not said anything to him yet.

Spis says he is from the planet Saturn. He is a chronic liar. He is actually from Reno.

 Fracor enjoys watching sunsets on the beach. He always smells like seawater and chalk.

 Misty came to earth to try the food there. His favorite food is blue minty toothpaste.

Gelleye tries to be good but is actually very perverted. He does feel very bad after doing something perverted though.

Blobbins are actually semi-sentient fruit from the future. Their color reflects their flavor and their personality. This is the only one I should find since the rest of them like to hide. He tasted like blueberries and apples. 

Oh the drama of these guys. What wacky shenanigans will they get into next? See you later.