Friday, April 1, 2011

Internet Troubles

Firefox is being a pain with Blogger. I don't know why. I will click the submit button and my content with just disappear. Especially comments on certain peoples' blogs. Or when I try to send people messages. Sorry people. I'm not TRYING to spam you with comments. It's firefox.

I'll try to figure it out on my end. So for now just imagine a cute image of a little piglet mashing on a computer keyboard.


I made a cute image of a little piglet for you. It's the mascot for my school newspaper.

He doesn't know how to use computers.


Harmke said...

Hi I read your comment on John K's blog about Harmony. I'm a student myself and I use ToonBoom Animate. Harmony is made for studios, Animate is less complicated but has most of the features of Harmony you normally need for animation. Harmony has more network features and other shiny stuff ;) Animate also less expensive, I bought it for only 300 bucks on a sale ToonBoom has now and then. (Currently Animate is 400 dollars, also a sale). They also have a free student license (with a watermark), so you can try it for yourself :) If you like the software I would recommend to buy it, it's worth the money! You can read about it here:

A Koszis said...

Thanks Harmke, Animate definitely looks like the program I should be saving up for.