Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old Stuff from an Old Sketchbook

The sketchbook isn't really that old. Most of the stuff is dated from about last year, but I thought I should share some of it anyways.

These first three pages are just random monster things that I came up with. Okay they're pokemon I made up cause I was bored. But this was back before those Black and White ones were even on anyone's radar!
I actually really liked my weird mummy ghost thing with spirals for boxing gloves. I couldn't think up a good third form though.

Some electric rabbits that are actually two different monsters completely. They just both happen to have the rabbit thing going on. And I never liked the larger rabbits I drew. Too bad that blue pencil doesn't erase. Hey wait a second that's supposed to be nonphoto blue! What is that doing showing up? 
A weird pigeon with a neck-tie. Image a flock of these big headed things wobbling around parks and streets stealing food from people.

That's all for now!