Monday, June 6, 2011

The Last of the School Doodles

I was sick for the past few days, so i thought that it would have been okay if I put off the blogging for a little while. I'm better now and so I'm back to finish this series of posts.

 These doodles are from my Art of Americas class. I actually really liked it because of all the weird stuff that the people had. Obviously not everything here is based off of something I saw but I really did enjoy learning about the stuff that had. A lot of monsters and themes around death and all that spooky junk. Or at least those are the parts that stood out to me. There was a goddess that looked like her limbs were held on with snakes!

Also I'm sorry for the whole binder paper thing. I would have at least liked to have inked or colored some of the drawings but binder paper is not the best paper for pens sometimes.


Damiano D said...

Love the variety in your drawings here! Some really neat and imaginative lookin' stuff!

BTW thanks for stoppin' by and givin' me those notes! Come on by anytime!