Friday, June 24, 2011

Messing with Paintbrushes

I'm still learning how to use a lot of features in Photoshop. The variety of brushes alone would cause me to spend weeks coloring one thing a hundred different ways. So here's one way I colored this guy that I liked. I'm definitely going to still mess with it a lot.

Oh and here's some step by step pics of a charm I made:

 Above, this is it plain and unbaked. I use Super Sculpey Firm. It's great for doing detail work.

 Here it is after being baked and painted with a base coat of white. All I have for paint is acrylic, so it is as this point that it loses its nice clay look and starts looking like plastic.

And here it finally is painted and varnished. Like most of my art at this point, everything I did with this is still an experiment. I now know that:
1. I should get smaller brushes for painting stuff in this scale. 
2. The paint will take forever to dry on the figure, but will dry too fast on my paint-paper.
3. Speaking of paint, I need to find something else that doesn't make my stuff look like a cheap plastic junk.
4. Varnish will pool in annoying places and if I touch it at all after I brush it on it will peel off.

In the next few days I will see how well this guy holds up to being a key-chain, banging around on my bag. I'm gonna be so kewl at school with this guy. Maybe the next one I make will be better, with more wire reinforcement. And glitter. Glitter all over it.


Damiano D said...

Cool stuff! Can't wait to see more lil sculptures!