Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunny Slugs

I really don't know what these things are but I've been drawing them in my notebook all day. though  i didnt get around to scanning them in. Now I wish I did that....Oh well.

I don't really know that these guys are. They seem to be really fluid and able to stretch and squish their bodies around a bit to make fun shapes. Also their arms only come out when they need them. I don't really know what that's all about....Maybe, like in the title, they are some kind of rabbit/slug hybrid. Or maybe they are part mushroom. Or maybe some kind of sock-puppet. Or maybe some kind of terrible failed mascot for condoms. I really don't know. They're just fun to draw.  

Here is some different hues just so I could mes around and figure out what color they would be. I guess I went overboard because they all look like skittles now and I'm not that into rainbows.

Here's some more refined colors. Except for the blue toothpaste one. Whats up with that? I  prefer natural/neutral colors so of course I really like the tan one with pink ears. It makes him look more furry than smooth and slimy. I'll probably draw more of these little guys later.

ps. sorry for all of the vertical pictures. I need to work on making posts less scrolly.