Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry guyz I've been busy with library books. I've got about two three four......7 nice thick books I've been trying to read all at the same time. And that's after the library rang down its overdue hammer on half of them. Ha!ha! I love Socialism sometimes!

Though I haven't been all about reading about goofy stuff. I've also been trying out different inking styles and doohickeys in Photoshop and Illustrator. As a note though, all of these doodles are pretty crap. I just focused on inking stuff.

The thing I hate about Illustrator is that it obviously draws like a computer would draw and not like a real pen.I'm still learning so everything looks real flashy.

Very subtle line shapes get all kinds of messed up for no reason other than the program's over-willingness to try to help "correct" them.

It is real annoying trying to draw one simple curve and end up redrawing it twelve times. And I still won't get it just how I really wanted it.

 I'm not saying I don't like it though. Vector drawing is pretty cool. Plus it makes changing the line colors real easy. But don't try to actually color the stuff in Illustrator. Oh no. I wasted 1 and a half hours just trying to color it. Ship inked doodles off to Photoshop.
This one is inked in photoshop. I usually don't like doing that because I have to work REAL HUGE to make things look nice. I can get the lines a little better than Illustrator, but this doodle is about 1/8th of the size I had to work at. Bleh. That takes up a lot of save space.

So yeah, maybe I'll look into other programs like Manga studio, since lots of people seem to like that. I remember using a free trail a few years ago but it would glitch out on me a lot. Still, I guess I can try it again. And I'll get back to posting regularly.