Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragons Burning Stuff

       I've been playing Hoard all day! What's Hoard you ask? Well it's a video game on the PlayStation Network where you play as a dragon trying to get as much gold as possible in each game from the poor townsfolk and farmers in your kingdom! You bring more gold back to your cave and you level up more so you can fly faster, burn longer, carry more, ect ect. Definitely my kind of game, since I can't stop playing it.
A screen-shot of the game from the game's press kit
      I really like the design of the game cause everything looks like it's some kind of board game. From the pick above you can see what I mean. Also the different game modes keep me busy. 

       So sorry for having so little to update with. I need to stop playing so many video games and goofing off on the internet. Must draw more!