Friday, March 4, 2011

Cactus Cats

        Cactus cats are a weird type of monster from American Folk Lore, and I think they have become one of my favorite monsters, just because of their strange obsessive behaviour. Large cat things that lived in the desert (obviously) and were covered from head to paw in sharp spiky fur. Along with tuffs of spiky fur on their ears and a branching tail, they also had sharp bone claws on their wrists. Yes their wrists. I'm just guessing that the claws were retractable, or else they would probably find walking around a little difficult. 
       So what do these cats do with those weird bone claws? Obviously they swipe cactus's with them! They use their claws to tear open the cactus's so the cactus's bleed sticky green cactus blood everywhere. Cactus cats love that stuff. The cat will go from cactus to cactus swiping them open so all the goo drips out and rots in the sun.
         Following their own ability to navigate the Cactus cat slowly makes its way in a large circle of cactus, arriving back to the first one again at the perfect moment where the cactus juice has been exposed enough to ferment into the cat's favorite kind of alcohol. The kind that is made by cactus juice rotting in the sun. By the time the cat makes another round to all of his previously sliced cactus, he is significantly drunk. He finishes his day by drunkenly dancing into the evening sunset, and making terrible music by rasping his bone claws together.