Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Class Project and Mall-Finds

Today I had to turn in a project I had to do for my Art of Americas class. It's more like a history lecture class but this final project actually told us to make something. I knew what I was going to make as soon as I saw these pots.

I dunno why, but I really liked the shapes and the handles. So I used the only materials I had (newspaper, glue, and acrylic paints) to make my stupid project. I haven't done paper-mache in years, but I think now I will try to do it more often.
Click for a larger image
I think that's supposed to be a quail....
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Adventures in the Mall

When my friends and I went out on Friday we also went to hang out in the mall for a little bit. In there is a small anime shop that of course we had to go investigate. It is full of the most wonderful Korean knock-off products I have ever seen. They wouldn't let me take pictures, but I did get myself a little something that I just had to have and was within my cheap-ass budget.
Waaa Laaa!
  What the heck is wrong with this squirtle? The poor guy is either crying tears of blood or is high out of his mind. Either way I knew I had to have him as soon as I saw him.

He also came with his friends pikachu and charizard, but they were unfortunately normal and lame.
Hey for $2.50 you can't go wrong for three figures. That also squeak when I squeeze them! The noise-making feature alone adds loads to their values!

And oh yeah who doesn't love lumpy badly drawn stickers?
People who have no sense of humor that's who.