Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School is Over

So the spring semester went by pretty quick and now I have a whole month off before I start my summer classes! Yay! This means that I will probably be able to work on a lot more stuff to post, and Monday I'll start posting all of my doodles from my notebooks.  

Oh by the way, I hope everyone enjoyed the Rapture. I enjoyed it at the Makers Faire in San Mateo. I wasn't all the interested in most of the stuff I saw there, but I did meet some cool artists. And I got a mug.  This greeted my mom when she went to get a cup for coffee.

  If there's two things I like it's monsters and mugs.

And it fits perfectly with my cluttered shelf.

The price was actually pretty reasonable for an art-show mug. Other places would be selling stuff of the same quality for 40 bucks. For that much money I could have gotten three of these. Which I hope I will do one of these days.